Recoil Helper is cheapest, fully customizable recoil macro, yes fully and will be updated with more features. It is suitable for all mouses, even touchpad.

It is cheap, but not free to prevent spam of macros. Just 10 $.


For now there are 6 weapon options, fully customizable settings like name, keys and of course all settings.

You can create and save configuration for different games or playstyles. The latest loaded config will be ready when you start app next time.

Basicly there is sensitivity to correct force of mouse downmovement, than scoping multipler, that multiplies sensitivity for scopes. It has own configurable key for activation.

You have even option for single recoil, that means correction is applied only once per key press. It is for single fire.

Active fulltime means that no condition key must be pressed for correction. If you fire than correction is applied, otherwise condition key must be pressed (like aim on RMB)

Rapid fire, sooo, everybody knows what it is, if not…. it clicks mouse for you. You just press and it do clicks for you, meant to “master bursts”, but it can make auto firemode from single firemode weapon. Yes you can be revealed by this, keep it in mind.

Slow start is feature to help control starting recoil, which is usually lower but grow after few bullets. It is fully configurable. In next update i will add more waveform curves to make it nearly completly capable of full compensation.

No control after means that in game like CS recoil is no more occured after some time, because of spring effect. These will be updated too, with complete spring effect compensation.


App using all the time different process names, do not interfere with games at all and is not locked to time, so movement is not able to be track down. It is not script, that are already banned and are not bullet proof. It is completly my app. Tested on PUBG and CSGO without problems. Basically it looks like nothing for anti cheats, because not interfere.

Keep your feedback, i will update code, if problem will ocur 🙂


More waveforms for slower correction start will be added, if there will be interest in app, i will create completly new UI with graph setting for recoil. With this update side recoil coverage will be added in graphs.

Spring effect coverage will be added, maybe in graphs, not yet decided how i will do it.

Also extension of classical keyboard macros will be added, than app will be all in one macro application. Have idea to make it comfortable and easy to use.

I am open to you feedback.


Yes it is not fair, i know. But lets play something like PUBG and you will get it. When you get to higher ranks, expect macros or cheats very often. That is reality, even some streamers using macros and nobody knows. I dont make it to destroy games of others, matchmakers can handle this.

After you get fullauto killed in 5 games in a row from more than 100m, than you get it. Yes someone can do it, but not evrybody.

And keep in mind this is just little help, not autoaim or other hacks, it just helps you to push mouse down. My friends dont even use full correction, just little help. When you get better you can just stop using this and forget.

And for last, IT IS JUST A GAME !

Recoil Helper is application that helps you with game recoil of weapons. I write it for my own usage, because i was tired of too many people using cheats or recoil macros, so why dont use it too, to make myself more competitive for autofire. Than i changed my mind.

Now i think, sadly that it is modern trend to have, lets say, a small advantage. So i decided to push it to web for everyone.

Yes i set price to 10$ to stop spam of this app on internet and to cover my spent time, yes it consumes time to make it user friendly. Please keep it in mind, if u upload app like this, you will lose advantage, and literally destroy it. If there will be too many copies of your id, then it will be blocked.

It is not for everybody, but many using macros and cheats. I made it for compete with these players, not to destroy games for everyone. AND I MADE IT CHEAPER THAN OTHERS.